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Updated 01.12.2012

   Stavros is Zorbas’s village; on the slope of the mountain and on the beach, scenes of the movie “Zorba the Greek” were filmed here, also the famous dance on the beach.
   Stavros is popular among the locals because of the sheltered cove and in the vicinity of Chania, about 15 kilometres. Tourism has not totally conquered this northwestern corner of the Akrotiri Peninsula though there are several taverns and hotels in the area.

On this beach and on the slope of the mountain, shown in the background, were filmed the most famous scenes of the “Zorba the Greek” movie. At the foot of the mountain there is a cave from the Neolithic era, it was also used as a funeral place.

There are a few hotels and taverns in the middle of the local settlement but the spirit of the village is still there.

Movie makers used to eat in Mamas Place; the original tavern was very modest compared to the present one. On the back wall, inside the tavern there are pictures of making the “Zorba the Greek” movie.

In Stavros there are small family hotels, some of them are just a walk away from the beach. In the area there is also “modern architecture”.

Stavros is a good destination for a peaceful holiday and to see the sights of the surrounding area.

The sights of the surrounding area

Avlaki, a less known gorge. Entry into the gorge is from the side of the ruined Katholiko monastery, it is short and easy to walk, though it requires some leg strength to get down into the gorge and back up to the parking place. It can be walked both to the beach and westwards, towards Stavros; there is a bridge close to the ruined monastery, the starting point is from there, about half an hour’s walk from the beach.

Katholiko, a ruined monastery is perhaps the oldest monastery on Crete. In the area there are several ruined buildings and down in the gorge, in the gorge’s wall, there are the impressive remains of a church that had been in a cave.

Gouverneto, a monastery about one kilometre before Katholiko, is perhaps the most popular destination among tourist groups. Here they call for a decent dressing code.

Agia Triada Tzagarolon, also a popular monastery among tourist groups, at the roadside, a few kilometres before Gouverneto.

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Driving distances:
From Chania it takes about half an hour to drive to Stavros.
From the Souda harbour it takes about 35 minutes to drive to Stavros.
From the Chania airport it takes about 25 minutes to drive to Stavros.

One-way bus ticket from the Chania centre to Stavros costs about two euros.
Timetable here.