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The Village of Spili

by / Juhani

Updated 16.03.2014

The Spili village is located at the foot of the steep Vorizi Mountain, beside the main road that runs south from Rethymno. Nowadays there is a bypass because the center of the village was for a long time a real bottleneck for the heavy goods traffic.
When approaching the center of the village there is a picture of a small, pleasant village with tourist shops and taverns, but after climbing up the steep, narrow streets there is the real Spili; there are houses above each other and the alleys go winding up the steep slopes.
Everyone that has visited Spili has certainly seen the water pool from the Venetian era, where the nineteen lion heads run clear, cold water all year round for the thirsty people to drink. In the village it must be the most photographed object, appearing also in many travel brochures pages. The water pool with lion heads and the immediate neighborhood was renewed in 2007 and 2008. From the pool there is access up to the narrow alleys where the balconies with flowers and the winding white alleys create its characteristic atmosphere.

Spili is by the side of a Cretan main road so the public transport goes into the village.
From the north side of the village runs a beautiful and varied road to the northeast and,
among other places, to Arkadi monastery.

The picture above is taken from the road that climbs up the mountain side to Spili.

Located almost at the height of 500 meters Spili is cool, both because of its location and also because of the waters that come down from the mountain and cool the centre of the village. In the most sweltering days of the summer the benches that surround the water pool are full of people searching for coolness.

The taverns are centered in the main centre of the village, but about two hundred meters to Rethymno on the right side of the road, hidden by the leafy trees, there is a small family tavern. In the village there are small hotels and there is also the possibility of renting a bicycle for cycling in the neighborhood.

Spili stands in a place of great natural beauty where the mountain-side, rolling down to the valley, offers beautiful views, warm sunny days and cool nights in the beautifully lit village. Down in the valley the green olive groves cover the ground. Up on the moist mountain slope the flowers and trees start flowering after a short winter.

Additional information:

Driving distances:

From Rethymnon:    27 km, 30 min
From Chania:           82 km, 1,5 hours

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