Nostos Wines

Traditional family-owned winery in the Chania province

Wine producing has over 4000 years of history in Crete. The moist and warm soil at the foot of the mountains combined with the soft winds of the Mediterranean Sea give the grapes of the area a unique aroma. Wine is an essential feature of Crete, and more and more sophisticated wine producing skills mean higher quality wines for wine lovers.

Manousakis Vineyard is a small family business at the steep slopes of Lefka Ori (White Mountains) near Chania. With traditional methods and hand craft four types of grapes are grown: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Roussanne. From the grapes four red wines and one white wine are produces with the label Nostos Wines. “Nostos” means longing for homecoming, homeland, friends and origins.

History of the Manousakis Family

Small and intimate yard and traditional Cretan houses serve the family in the third generation, currently engaged in the wine business. In the picture the daughter of the family, Alexandra is entering a small winery. 
Manousakis Family lived in the USA for many years. Move back to the family estate has been a dream come true. A lot of work has been required to achieve the current appearance of the vineyard and winery.

The beginning of the vineyard

Manousakis Vineyard and Winery is a dream come true. In 1984 the untouched hills by the White Mountains were a testing site for finding suitable grapes for the area, and four types of grape were found to be very suitable for the soil and climate of the area: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Roussanne.

First grapevines were planted in 1993 at the altitude of 350 meters on an area of two hectares. During the next six years the grapes grew nicely and adapted to the conditions of the area. In 1997 the building for the wine production began to operate. The production began with very small quantities and modest conditions, but with highly skilled methods. Wine producing at the Manousakis farm is carried out as natural as possible. The central principle is to cause as little damage to the environment as possible, and for this reason the nursing and harvesting is carried out manually by hand.

Visit at the Vineyard
Up to 10 persons may visit the Vineyard and Winery during one presentation round. The round includes a visit to a small wine cellar, introduction to the wine making process and wine tasting. The busiest time of the season is when the grapes have matured, and the harvest is processed into wine. Other times of the year the slow pace of the wine making characterizes the whole atmosphere, from slowly aging wines to leisurely visits. You can purchase wines during your visit.

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Coordinates for Manousakis Vineyard: 35°26’56.71″N 23°53’15.98″E
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