The museum of Myrtos by Juhani

Päivitetty 19.12.2012

Myrtos’s museum is different from many other museums because of one exhibit; an exact scale model of the Minoan village close to Myrtos. Its’ accuracy is from the excavation area where every stratum was carefully documented. Based on these documents, professor John Atkinson used very many hours to create a scale model where every detail has been verified.

The scale model is impressive.

If John Atkinson happens to be present in the museum one can hear stories from a real expert about the Minoan settlement.

The museum is well organized.

Opening hours:
On Monday and Friday 10-14 and on Wednesday 17-20.

In the Myrtos village there are no street names but the museum is in the middle of the village, by the side of a small church square; from the western end of the beach it is only a few strides to reach the square.