Lake Kourna

The Only Fresh Water Lake on Crete

Lake Kourna is located south of Georgioupoli, a basin at the foot of a mountain. The water flows to the lake from within the mountain through springs and brooks. From the lake water flows down to the sea through Georgioupoli, thus bringing lots of fresh water to the village and the beach in front of the village.

Kourna Lake is 35-40 meters deep, one kilometre wide and 1.5 kilometres long, and has a rich flora and fauna. The shoreline is partly protected from rented paddle boats, which are handy and popular for exploring the lake. Dense waterfront plantation and trees make the lake a good nesting place for birds. Around Kourna Lake you can see for example kingfishers, lizards, turtles, herons, great tits, wild ducks, gulls, goldfish etc.

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Coordinates for Lake Kourna: 35°19’52.00″N 24°16’33.50″E