The Messara Plateau

by / Juhani

Updated 02.12.2012

   The Messara Plateau extends dozens of kilometers in the
east-west direction. It is a fertile southern Crete area focused
on field farming, greenhouse plantation and growing olives.
Here lie the ruins of the ancient Cretan capital of Gortys,
Festos Palace and the excavations of the Agia Triada Palace.
One of the main routes of the island goes across the area,
and a new, wide road has been built from the eastern Messara
to Heraklion, in order for the products of the area to be
transported to Heraklion for shipping to Continental Europe.

Panorama photo from southern mountains to Messara plateau. Behind are the Ida mountains.

   Messara is an important producer of winter vegetables for Central Europe. Greenhouses cover large areas around the plateau. In addition to all kinds of crops and vegetables, olives and fruits are also grown in Messara, and sheepherding is also commonplace.

Additional Information:

Coordinates to Messara: 35° 1’53.54″N 25° 1’31.81″E map of the area