One of the Easiest Gorges to Trek in Crete, Imbros

by / Juhani

Updated 30.03.2014

   The Imbros Gorge east from Chora Sfakion is easy to pass for almost anyone. The Imbros Gorge starts out from the
Imbros village located between Chora Sfakion and
Vrysses. The starting point is behind the tavern in the
above picture. If needed, you can organize here transportation back to the starting point from the other end of the gorge. Tickets are sold by the trail a few hundred meters from the beginning, and the tavern is a good place to fill up before the hike.

The trail through the gorge down to the sea shore begins at 780 meters altitude, and the hiking time is about 2-3 hours. Sneakers, some snacks, bottle of water and a hat is an adequate gear for the trip. There is just one trail on the bottom of the gorge, so there is no fear of getting lost, and cell phones work fine the whole way through the gorge.

   Imbros is most beautiful during the spring. Flower buds may still be closed at the upper sections but blossom openly close to the sea at lower altitudes. At the halfway resting place after 1.5 hours of descent there is a small cafe and the tickets are checked. The income from the tickets is used for the maintenance of the gorge.

The splendour from spring flowers is remarkable.

Sometimes landscapes in the Imbros gorge are like in the Samaria gorge.

   The holes in the rocky cliffs are a good and popular nesting place for birds and the sound of the finches echoes clearly around the walls of the gorge. The color of the rocky surfaces is breathtakingly beautiful, but there are slate stones which are a difficult surface to walk on, requiring special caution at times. Here, like in all the gorges, applies one basic rule: No walking while looking! So when you want look and admire the surroundings, stop first, and continue only after you have looked around you long enough. 

The tightest spot in the gorge, just 1.6 meters wide.

The path of Impros is very old. Here you can see three different path surfaces you must go over during the hike.
The middle one is from roman period

   The journey ends in the Pomitades village, which is by the coastal road. If you participate on an organized tour, that is where your return trip by bus begins from. There is a kiosk before the village, from which you can order a taxi to the starting place in case you hike on your own.

Sample schedule for a hike through the Imbros Gorge:

– Departure from Rethymno 8.30 in the morning
– Drive to Imbros 1 hour 20 minutes
– Entrance to the gorge at 10.20 (temperature 22,9 degrees in May 2007)
– At the tightest spot at 11.40
– Ticket check at 11.50
– Total hiking time 2 hours 35 minutes, exit from the gorge at 12:55 (23,5 degrees May 2007)
– Return trip to Rethymno by bus 1 hour 50 minutes, back in Rethymno at 14.45

Additional Information: map of the area
Google Earth map of Imbros
Coordinates for Imbros: 35°14’52.19″N 24°10’4.61″E