The Second Highest Peak of Crete is in the White Mountains

by / Juhani

Updated 09.12.2012

   The second highest mountain in Crete dominates the western
Crete with its mountainous and light coloured presence.
Pachnes peak (2453 m), which is only three meters lower
than Psiloritis (2456 m), is more difficult to reach than the
highest point of the Ida Mountains. The best hiking trails to
the White Mountains are from Omalos Plateau and from Anopoli.
Omalos is also the starting point for the Hike of Samaria.

Panorama photo from the peak of Pachnes to the north and east.
Panorama photo towards the south.

White mountains seen from Kalives -village (near the bay of Souda). You can still see some snow on the top.

A road from Anopoli towards Pachnes (ending in altitude of about 2000 m). See also the video.

In the middle of the mountains, the colours of the landscape can be from dark red to ash grey.

Pachnes on the left. Snow makes the hike a little difficult in the beginning of the may. (See bigger panorama).

Spring and fountain. The height is above 2000 m. This picture was taken towards Anopoli.

Going towards the top.


   The White Mountains (Lefka Ori) have an especially beautiful colour and the appearance of the mountains changes according to the rotation of the sun. The White Mountains dominate the horizon also behind Rethymnon to the west. There is snow up on the upper slopes as late as in early or mid June.

Hiking trail from south (Anopoli). The red path can be seen in upper right corner.

The position of the sun in the sky changes the colour of The White Mountains. The name “white mountains” is due to the white limestone which is the most typical rocky surface around the mountains.

On the top of Pachnes

On the path and top the weather can vary from hot sunshine to cold wind. Sometimes the wind can be exttremely hard.
In such conditions you must stop ascending and return. Thunderstorms are dangerous up in the mountains.

Additional information: map of the area