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The Lagoon and Beach of Balos

by / Juhani

Updated 02.12.2012

   Balos lagoon and beach are in the north-western corner of Crete Island, between an island and the mainland. Notice that the wintertime swell of the sea shapes and changes the area constantly. The fine graded sand and partly rocky lagoon-like beach is mainly
a target for day-trip visitors by boat heading daily out from

The beach is also accessible through a rough road

   The gravel road  which ends at a parking area leaving the visitor with hundreds of steeply descending steps down to the beach. There are only a few services in Balos, and outside the high season practically none. As visitors coming by boats can purchase all they need on-board, the independent visitor needs to pack and carry everything necessary for the visit with them so accessing the area without a boat is no walk in the park.

(Click for bigger panorama 4 Mb).

Remote Balos, seen from Gramvousa island, at the bottom of the bay. Gramvousa Island (behind the photographer) softens the swell of the sea and protects the lagoon like beach of Balos. The boat anchors in the lagoon, which has clear and turquoise-colored water. As the beach is remote with only minor public services (one taverna in the south part of the lagoon – see the photo in lower part of this page), the beach is somewhat dirty compared to average Cretan beaches.

 (Click for bigger panorama, 1 Mb)


As the transferring of all passengers to the lagoon takes some time,
 it is an essential part of the Balos beach adventure

   The boat trip to shore is safe but somewhat difficult for those with handicaps or other limitations, so staying onboard enjoying beautiful scenery and dining might be a good option for some. You can book tickets to these cruises at resort village
travel agencies or directly at the harbor.

   The parking area is on top of the cape (see the video, driving 11 km to
the parking place), and it requires reasonable physical fitness for
staying at the beach and walking the steep and high hillside both ways
in the heat. Occasionally there might be strong winds at the beach and
cape. (See the photo above).

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