5 different taverns

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5 different taverns in Rethymno
by Minoa.info / Juhani

Updated 26.11.2012

Rethymno, just like anywhere in Crete, you may want to

choose the same taverns
which local people use. In the idyllic

harbour of the Old town the taverns are
mainly for tourists, and

such is the case along the more popular and tourist

shopping streets.

A side step outside the tourist areas is worth the
trouble, as there

are several taverns serving excellent local food. From the

numerous taverns of the city we have picked these five taverns,

which are popular with the local people (always the sign of good eating),

and where travelers like us return again and again.

Lemon tree


This is an
idyllic tavern in a shopping alley in the centre of the Old town. Lemon trees
give cover to the tavern and especially with the evening lights the place has a
very nice atmosphere. The owner Giorgios Portalios re-established this tavern
in 2001. His grandfather started the place originally in 1910, but was killed
during the second world war. The family got into other businesses, until Giorgios rebuilt
the tavern in the same location as his grandfather. The address is E.
Antistaseos 100.

Home Cooking


This small,
30 seat tavern, is famous for its tourist-friendly keeper Maria, pictured above, who started
the tavern over 30 years ago. Well prepared Cretan food is inexpensive and
Maria is sensitive to the wishes of the customer. The nice atmosphere and
affordable prices have made Maria’s place a favorite place for many. You can eat on the spot or order portions to go. Maria’s
tavern is along the left side of G. Papandreu Street, a little less than 100
meters from the seaside promenade.




Inside the
Old town, at the end of a shopping street by the church square, Psaras has been
operated by a married couple for over 25 years. Psaras means “fisher”. During
the high season the sons of the family help out their parents. A few dozen
seats inside and outside under the blinds serve mainly tourists, but also
locals. As Psaras is a bit outside the centre, the quality of the food is
essential – and there is no fear of an aggressive doorman like in the busier
tourist areas. Psaras is situated on Arabatzoglu Street close to Fortezza. Google
Earth coordinates for Psaras tavern: 35°22’10.80″N 24°28’22.58″E




This tavern
favoured by locals has a panoramic view to the sea and the city, and the view
to the city is especially nice during the later hours. The tavern is located
close to the Fortezza, on the banks of the promenade leading from the Fortezza
to the harbour. The food is consistently good and the service is friendly and




This tavern
is the only place in Rethymno with guaranteed daily live music during the
tourist season. Hosted by two ladies this tavern offers basic Cretan food and
traditional folk music, often performed by the sons of the family or guest
entertainers. The live music plays from 10pm. The address is Panou Koroneu 6.


Below is a map with the locations of the aforementioned five taverns. These are quite
different kinds of taverns, all with good Cretan food. As Rethymno has such a
huge number and variety of places to eat, you may want to search and discover
the place which is best especially for you and your preferences.


Have you visited these taverns? Or do you know of a wonderful place that we have missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!