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A historic Village in the Middle of Water Springs


Updated 01.12.2012

Argiroupoli is a half an hours drive to the southwest of Rethymnon.
It used to be called Lappa (more about Lappa under Villages) but
from 1822 on it has been called Argiroupoli. The village centrum
is situated on top of a ridge, and the water fountains are at the
foot of the southern side of the mountain. There is a trail leading
from the village to the area with old mills and many taverns,
which the road to famous Asi Gonia also bypasses. (All the photos
are from the fountain area).

The springs in Argiroupoli
bring forth water all year round

The water flow was used to power mills and diverted into water reservoirs. Ancient water pools and stony aqueducts are still clearly
visible. Some of the water is nowadays taken to Rethymnon. The water springs and trees make eating out at the taverns a pleasant and cool experience even at high summer temperatures, and the sound of flowing water can be heard everywhere adding to the experience.

The water flows everywhere. It feels like the water is constantly bursting out of the hidden overflowing water reserves of the mountain.

The aqueducts were constructed by the Romans

The restaurants serve traditional Cretan food and are popular among the tourists and the local people as well

The idyllic taverns are ready and waiting for customers

The water is clean and pure and taken to be served straight from the spring

From the tavern table you can admire the streaming brook coming down from the mountain

Plants and trees here are exceptionally lush

The area is especially beautiful at dusk.

Additional Information:

Coordinates for Argiroupoli: 35°17’11.63″N 24°19’56.46″E

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