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The Village of Gerani

by / Juhani

Updated 13.03.2013

Peaceful and small, Gerani village is one of the jewel-like Cretan
holiday destinations located 14 kilometres West of Chania. The
local people call the upper village Pano Gerani and the lower
village, situated closer to the beach, Kato Gerani. The village is
just a couple of kilometres away from Platanias that offers more
possibilities for shopping and is more lively. Gerani is a good
choice for those holidaymakers who want to be alone or spend
a quiet vacation there.

The village is mentioned first in 1577 but ancient Kydonia is believed to have been there before. In 1867, in Gerani, there was one of the fiercest battles between the Turks and the Cretan revolutionaries. Nowadays Gerani makes its living, besides tourism, from agriculture. The local inhabitants grow mainly oranges, olives and grapes. Next to the village there is a river flowing into the sea.

 The Gerani village is a typical Cretan village with all tourist services. There are three other villages within a radius of a little less than 10 kilometres. They are also worth visiting because they are original Cretan countryside villages that tourism has not changed. In the villages there are typical Cretan coffee shops. The roads to the middle part of Crete run in a beautiful landscape where the plane, cypress and eucalyptus trees line the roads.

 In the lower village of Gerani there are relics of a German graveyard that was later transferred to Maleme. Before the upper village there is a small monastery. The Holy Mother’s church of Panagia is located between Gerani and Manolioupolo. Every year, on September 8th, they celebrate the Saint, Panagia Mirokefala.        

Gerani lies close to the national road, so it is easy to go for a longer drive to the East or to the West.

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