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The Village of Agia Marina
by / Juhani

Updated 27.11.2012

The village stands 9 kilometres West from Chania among other villages centred around tourism. Agia Marina has plenty of olive and fruit trees and it lies close to one of the most well-known villages, Platanias. The beautiful beach is suitable for children because in most places it is sheltered and slopes gently into the sea. It is about 2,5 kilometres long including all tourist services. All services connected with tourism are around the main road. Panorama photo over the beach.

old village lies on higher ground and has a more authentic Cretan
atmosphere. The village takes its name from a church that stands there.
There is an island less than 0,5 kilometers away which, according to
myth, was a monster that turned to stone and the sand of the beach was
born from the flames that the monster spat out. On the island there is
the fortress of  St. Theodore, also the area is a nature reserve where
the Cretan wild goat Kri-Kri lives. Here’s a panoramic image from the

During the Venetian administration in 1574 it was decided that the island must be protected against the Turks that wanted to conquer the Platanias village. A fortress, Turluru, was built on the highest part of the island, and another fortress, San Theodore, lies lower. Some ruins of St.Theodore chapel still remain.

About 500 metres from the beaches is Pano, the upper part of Agia Marina village. There are charming traditional small houses, and taverns offer delicious food in an attractive environment. Higher up in the mountain there are some stalactite caves. Two gorges, Therissos and Topolia are nearby and the Samaria gorge is within reasonable distance.

There are banks, service stations, bakeries, minimarkets, hotels, guest houses, taverns, coffee houses, car rental firms, clubs, discos, tourist information offices, jewellers and tourist shops in Agia Marina. During the year about 50,000 tourists visit the village.

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Agia Marina coordinates: 35°31’6.90″N 23°55’49.85″E
Upper village coordinates: 35°30’55.70″N 23°55’39.27″E