Snow in Crete

Snow in Crete


Updated 11.12.2012

   Snow-capped mountains can be seen from almost everywhere in Crete during the wintertime. You can find the first snow in october  or november on the highest peaks.  During the january-february almost all the mountain peaks becomes white. The contrast of the landscape in wintertime is great: white, snow-covered mountains near the sky and green fields near the shore. December can be still enough warm in daytime on the seaside, even 20°C. You can see the snow on the highest top of the mountains even in june. Several meters thick snowlayers, covering all the small valleys in the mountains, does not melt very fast.

White Mountains.

Psiloritis (Ida), the highest mountain of Crete.

Spring flowers.

White Mountains in may.

In springtime the upper mountains are still partly covered with snow, but below the melting snow the nature is flourishing. (Ida-mountain).

Water is flowing everywhere in the mountains. (Ida-mountain).

The temperature difference between the snow and rocky soil can be even 30°C. (Ida-mountain).

Snow layers can be seen clearly in springtime. The dust from mountain stones and the red dust from Sahara, carried by southern scirocco -winds, makes the snow colored with different tones. (White Mountains).

Ladybugs on a warm stone. The surface temperature of this stone was about 30°C. (Ida-mountain).

Red-colored snowball.