On the road

On the road – videos around the Crete

By Minoa.info/Juhani

Updated 02.12.2012

   From the map below you can see the approximate places where these videos were taken. You can study the routes in different parts of the island if they are suitable for your travel plans, and the condition of the roads. You also get an impression about the traffic, view and the most challenging routes. These videos may help you to find the right route to your destination and they also let you know if a jeep is needed.
   At the beginning of each video there is a list of the most important places on the route. Most of the terrain routes on the video look easier than they really are.

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1. Starting from the main road there is a gravel road that takes to the Balos beach parking place. video.

2. A semi-circular road from Lousakies to Kioliana.
     On the video there is shown a road that leads to the Sirikari gorge

3. Driving through the Topolia tunnel from south to north after passing a couple of villages. video.

4. One hour drive from Rodopos to the beach of the Rodopou cape end. video.

5. Driving from the main street of Platanias to its upper village. video.

6. A trip on the southern countryside of Platanias where there is amongst other places, a lake visited. video.

7. A 21 minute drive along the Chania beach road starting from Makrys Tihos (close to Chania) to Maleme. video.

8. An asphalt road that runs via the Theriso gorge. video.

9. A trip via Vamos. video.

10. Along the National road from Georgioupoli to Rethymno. video.

11. A twenty minute tour in Rethymno starting from the east end of the beach road. video.

12. A trip to the Arkadi Monastery from the centre of Rethymno. video.

13. 16 minutes drive on the eastern slopes of the Amari valley, from Apostoli to Vistagi. video.

14. From the National road to Agia Pelagia. video.

15. Driving mainly on the motorway from the southern parts of Crete to Heraklio and
    further ten kilometres towards Rethymno.

16. On the way to the Lasithi plain a windmill ridge is passed. video.

17. 13 minutes drive through Agios Nikolaos‘s familiar beach scenery. video.

18. About half an hour trip from Agios Nikolaos direction towards Sitia. video.

19. Arriving to Palekastro from Sitia direction and driving through the village. video.

20. Coming from north, from Vai direction through Palekastro. video.

21. Along the beach road that runs close to the north beach of Palekastro. video.

22. Driving down to Kato Zakros. video.

23. Arriving from north to Xerokampos, driving through the village all the way to the south beach. video.

24. Driving through Xerokampos from the main road to the beach road. video.

25. Driving through the Xerokampos‘s southern beach area. video.

26. From east to west through Ierapetra all the way to Mirtos
. video.

27. Driving through Mirtos. video.

28. The Messara plain. Driving from east to west from Apo Viannos to roughly half way on the plain.
       On the video there are shown the most interesting parts of the route.

29. There is a winding gravel road to the distant south coast beach, Tripiti. Here is the end part of the road.  video.

30. Driving down to the Messara plain from south, from Agiofarango direction. video.

31.  A road from the mountains down to Kali Limenes. video.

32. Driving through the Kotsifou canyon. video.

33. A short period of driving through the Rodakino villages on a beautiful route. video.

34. A serpentine road up from the Sfakia coast. video.

35. From Anopoli to Pachnes you can drive as high up as to 2000 metres but
       the gravel road is in bad condition as you can see at the beginning of the video.

36. A short video of driving over the Aradena steel bridge. video.

37. Driving through Sougia. video.

38. A road from the Irini gorge to Sougia. video.

39. From the eastern beach of Paleochora there is a road that takes up to Anidri. video.

40. Driving through the familiar streets in Paleochora, starting from the western beach road. video.

41. A road from Kefali to Elafonisi. In Kefali both the beach road and the middle road unite video.

42. After leaving Elafonisi and before entering the mountains, on the left there is a road that takes back
       to the main road via some beach villages.

43. A trip from Keramoti to Kefali surrounded by the most beautiful views on the beach road that runs to Elafonisi.

44. Driving from Platanos down to Falasarna. video.

45. Driving along the Falasarna beach road from north to south.

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