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Paragliding in Rethymno
by / Juhani

Updated 26.11.2012

Reasonable strong wind and low waves are nowadays required conditions for paragliding. Earlier the take-off was from the beach, now the glide is a comfortable and easy event because of the
new boats and you don’t have to get wet when landing.
The flight from the boats’ deck and back contains fewer risks
than earlier when the take-off was from the beach. Paragliding
is a fine experience when you fly in a light breath of air and you
can hear all noises from the surrounding area, and then the feeling
of freedom is strong.

The parachute is being prepared and one is on the front deck waiting for the fastening to the harness. After the parachute is fully open one comes to the back deck and is fastened to the harness.

The mountains and villages of Crete reach new proportions.

Around the harbour and Fortezza.

Flying around.

Final approach.

Welcome back

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