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The Village of Georgioupoli

by / Juhani

Updated 13.03.2013


A peaceful holiday village on the North coast of Crete, and there
is a site nearby: the Kourna Lake. The shore area of Georgioupoli
is beside the freshwater outlet of the Kourna Lake. As a matter of
fact there are three rivers flowing into the sea. Georgioupoli has
been built to the same place that used to be an ancient village of
Amphimala, and it is located next to the old road that goes from
West to East. The old Elliniki Kamara bridge still remains from that
old road. The village has grown because of tourism and the beach
spreads out far to the East. Flora and fauna are abundant and the village is a part of a nature reserve.

There is a church at the end of the rocky breakwater.

The square of the village centre is surrounded by coffee shops, taverns and tourist shops.

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