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Updated 25.11.2012

   Thronos is a small historical village on the slope of the Amari valley.
From the village opens a panoramic view into the Amari valley where
on the east side is the Ida mountain and on the west side the Kedros mountain. The beautiful green valley is full of olive, apricot and cherry
trees as well as tens of small villages. When looking down to the valley
from the south slopes of the village at sunrise and sunset the view is
full of beautiful colours.

The village lives its peaceful life deep in the heart of Crete away from the tourist centres and it has a history that goes way back. It was built on the same place that formerly located the centre of an urban state, Sivritos, which had also its own money. The name of the village, Thronos (throne) comes after the episcopical seat that located in the village in the 7th century. The name Sivritos means sweet water and there are still many sweet water springs near to the village.

In the middle of the village there is a Byzantine church from the eleventh century sanctified to the Holy Mother. Inside the church there are exceptionally beautiful and well-preserved mosaics and frescoes. You can ask from the tavern Aravanes if they could take you into the church because it is open only on request (contact details down below).

The Amari Valley

The Amari valley’s villages (Thronos on the right) and the main objects are shown in this panoramic view.
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   The centre of the urban state that formerly located on Thronos’s place was well fortified and present Agia Galini was its port. Sivritos was destroyed by the Saracene pirates; you can see the ruins of the ancient town on the hill of Throniani Kefala.

Here the sun rises from behind the Psiloritis mountain which is very close to Thronos.

Tavern Aravanes

   From the biggest tavern in the village, Aravanes, it is possible to rent rooms with a nice view to the Amari valley.
Aravanes organizes trips to the farms of the valley so one can take part as a worker in everyday Cretan life and in the evening eat food that is made from the ingredients that were picked up during the workday. Supper is arranged, on the terrace or in the hall, so that all guests sit around the same table and enjoy Cretan free and easy atmosphere and good local food.

From the tavern’s terrace opens a view to the Amari valley.

Figs drying in the sun. Food, in the tavern, is of course traditional local food.

   From Thronos you can make all day hikings or a special moonlight hike to the peak of Psiloritis but it requires a high level of physical fitness, right size of the group and a right attitude. The night is spent on the mountain.

Lampros, the master of the tavern speaks English well, can teach greek and works as a guide if necessary.

Further information:

Taverna Aravanes, Thronos Amariou, 74061 Rethymno.
Lampros Paputsakis
Tel: +30  2833 022 760
Gsm: +30 6983 972 625