The Island of Dia

   Dia is an uninhabited island in natural state north of Heraklion. There are several small rocky islets around the island. Dia is a reserved area for wild goats, so no unauthorized visits are allowed to the island. The altitude of the island varies from 0 to 268 metres and the land area of the island is 1250 hectares. Dia was inhabited already in the Neolithic era and the Minoan period. Dia is also an important bird island and its IBA (International Bird Areas) code is GR 189.

   The coastline is high and steep and apart from a few coves quite unprotected from wind and dwelling of the sea. There are shipwrecks and wrecked airplanes in the sea surrounding the island.

(The photo above is taken from the Psiloritis -mountain, in the height of 2200 meters).

Additional Information:

Coordinates: 35°26’52.72″N 25°13’9.36″E