A sea aquarium on the east side of Iraklion


Updated 02.12.2012

Cretaquarium is suitable for everyone,
from baby to granddad

   Excellent, during the winter 2008/2009 renovated premises,
huge aquariums and giant-sized glass walls. A new cafeteria,
new child care rooms and a souvenir shop are all extremely
well organized. All these things together make it a five star destination for families. It is also a good place for the physically challenged and the elderly., and it is pleasantly cool inside.
Here’s a panoramic image from the excellently organized area
where there
is plenty to see.

   The entrance has also been renovated and there are plenty of new aquariums on the exhibition premises. There is an enormous amount of water in the huge tanks and when you look
through the glass it looks like real sea life. Cretaquarium is also a part of the Thalassocosmos complex, the biggest sea research, technology and free time center in the Mediterranean area. 

The sharks are an intimidating presence up close

The watertanks contain beautifully lifelike conditions


Cretaquarium is a great experience for the whole family
he audiovisual equipment makes it possible to listen to the sounds of the underwater world while looking at the fish. One should reserve a little under an hour to be able to see the whole exhibition, but you can easily spend more time looking at the beautiful creatures of the sea.

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How to get there?
There are good signs on the National road starting almost from Chania.
From Iraklion it is about a 15 kilometer (10 mile) drive east on the National road. Follow the signs.
From the Iraklion bus station it takes about 20 minutes by bus. (Take the bus that goes to the old American military base, Gouves. The Aquarium is located in that area).

There is a very good maps on our map-page, to find the right route.

Travel distances and driving times:

Chania – Cretaquarium            160 km (100 miles) / 2h 45min
Rethymnon – Cretaquarium     100 km (60 miles) / 1h 45min
Agios Nikolaos – Cretaquarium 46 km (29 miles) / 54min

Additional information:


Virtual Tour: Cretaquarium

Have you visited Cretaquarium? What was your experience like? What was your favorite fish? Let us know in the comments!