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The Village of Elounda

by / Juhani

Updated 06.12.2012

also known as Elunda, is one of the most well-known
holiday villages in
Crete lying 10 kilometres North of Agios Nikolaos.
During Minoan times
it was named Olus. From the sunken towns’
remains writings have been
found that connect the ancient town to
Knossos and Rhodes.

Panorama from
the village.
from the beach road to Plaka.
from the
Kalypso hotel to the harbour (day).

Panorama from the
Kalypso hotel to the harbour (night).

   Elounda is known for
the salty bay (salt production), the island of
Spinalonga and one of the
world’s best Spa hotels. On the opposite
shore can be
seen the modern wind turbines, but behind the village, on the mountains,
there are plenty of windmills from the old days. In the front of
Elounda there are the ruins of the ancient town, Olus, that sunk into
the sea. The ruins can be seen from the bridge that goes across the bay
and, especially for divers, they are easy to reach.
The bay of Elounda is
sheltered and the centre of the village is very typically Cretan. The
fishing boats are in active use and the taverns at the beaches offer
fish that is caught from the bay.

The harbour of Elounda.

Fisherboat coming back to the main harbour.

One of many beaches of Elounda

Elounda seen from Plaka -village.

are plenty of hotels in Elounda, including one of the world’s best Spa

   According to the Sunday Times Travel publication, Porto Elounda
de Luxe Resort
was nominated the worlds best Spa in 2008. There is also a
high quality 9-hole, par-3 golf course, 54 handicap required.

of the most well-known tourist attractions on Crete is the island of

   From Elounda harbour a boat sails to the island, or another
choice is to drive to Plaka and take a boat from there. From Plaka it
takes about 15 minutes to the island, and the boat leaves every 30
minutes. The island is worth visiting because of its dark history. It
was a place of exile for those who had leprosy, and it was formed into
an isolated community, which was supplied from Plaka. Residents of
Spinalonga received a pension, so they were active in trading and
brought an extra income to the people who lived on the mainland. The
colony of Spinalonga was closed in 1957. However, the history of
Spinalonga goes further back than that. The island was a good post to
protect Elounda bay against intruders, and that was the reason why it
was fortified early. The island was also a place of refuge for the
Christians against the Muslims. When the Turks conquered Crete,
Spinalonga was still in the possession of the Venetians. (Click to the Spinalonga -page)

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