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Shopping in Rethymno

by / Juhani

Updated 10.12.2012

   Here you’ll find a few shopping tips and recommendations for authentic high quality Cretan products, based on the local’s preferences and travelers experiences. The shops and boutiques mentioned below don’t sell the commonplace foreign made products of the tourist shops like laces and t-shirts, but original local products that are a must see.


Locations on the map

Nikos Siragas’s wood workshop

Nikos uses mainly olive trees, and also other Cretan wood like carob, walnut, fruit woods and mulberry. His wooden products are genuinely Cretan, from the basic material to the beautifully crafted final product. Nikos, who personally sign even the smallest products, is internationally the most famous Greek artist who uses wood as his material.

Nikos often works outside on a small side street, in front of his gallery and workshop, as seen in this panoramic picture. With his fluent English and typical friendly Cretan personality he may give you tips and even a small spontaneous talk about wood crafting. Nikos has lectured and taught in Europe and the USA, and participated in exhibitions and trade shows world over. You can admire his products in his gallery, and you won’t have to worry about hearing a sales pitch – the products truly speak for themselves.

For example, you can select from small items such as a beautifully crafted apple from olivewood, or choose something larger such as a bowl or a carved and turned vase.

Nikos and Frances have published an interesting book about Cretan wood crafting. In almost 200 pages they explain the crafting techniques and instruments illustrated with photos. There are a lot of large pictures of finished wooden art objects, with some history and interesting stories about the subject.

You may order the book from this link:

Nikos’s workshop is situated in Old Town from the start of the season 2013: 
38 Varda Kallergi, Rethymno (look at the map above)

Karras leather goods from local material

Karras is a second generation brand operating in the old town of Rethymno. It is still possible to get local Cretan leather to work with, and Karras bags are crafted only from Cretan leather. The design and every part of the production is done by Karras.

If you want a lasting and beautiful leather bag, hand bag, special bag or pack bag, Karras is the place to get it. Karras is situated in the Old town at Panou Koroneu 9, Rethymno (look at the map above)

MOKA spice-shop

Spice-shop MOKA has two outlets in the Old town, and it has been selling fresh spices for over 20 years. The daughter of the original owner now runs the business. The freshness of the spices is easily seen from the date labels, and the shop is well known and favoured by locals. Buying spices from the streets is a waste of money, as old spices heated by hot sunlight are useless.

Market places in Rethymno

Print a leaflet about locations and timetables from market places in Rethymno.