The Plateau of Nida
by / Juhani

Nida plateau is situated to the east of Ida Mountain and is accessible through Anogia Village. Nida is a typical grass plain used for sheepherding. The high altitude (1.5km / 1 mile from sea level) of
Nida explains the occasional gathering of clouds across the plateau. 
Along the road to Nida there are ancient sheep shelters, Mitatoes, built
from rocks.

Nida is reachable by an asphalt road which is in good condition, and there is a tavern at the entrance to the plateau which is open quite randomly. Nida plateau is circled by high mountains, and especially beautiful and verdant in the springtime.

In the upper left side of the picture the road to Nida is visible. In the center of the picture is the end of the asphalt road which leads to the yard of the only tavern in the area (white building on the right)

Sheep are herding in Nida. In the picture taken around 17.00 the sheep are proceeding towards a sheep-fold

If you wish to climb up the mountain, the pathway heads up from a right turn on the gravel road to the cave of Zeus. Color spots on the rocks mark the otherwise hardly recognized beginning of the ascent. Good footwear, a hat and water bottle(s) are necessary even on a shorter hike, and the path is not recommended for anyone suffering from vertigo and fear of heights

The cave of Zeus is up the road about a few hundred meters. It is a small, barren cave, which is covered with snow in the winter. The rails have been left behind from earlier excavations, they were used for moving rocks from the cave. This cave was a holy place as early as in the Minoan period and a lot of archaeological findings were made during the completed excavations

Additional Information: map of the area