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KalivesThe Village of Kalives

by / Juhani

Updated 13.03.2013

Kalives locates on the East side of Chania, at the
mouth of the Souda bay. The beach village lives a peaceful life, but on the
side of the long main road the local activity is present. The village is
surrounded by the olive farms and vineyards. Tourism is concentrated to the
hotels that are naturally placed into the village. There are about 20 taverns,
which offer typical Cretan food at a reasonable price.

For the
independent travellers, a small family hotel, Ostria, is one
good choice. If the
selection criteria of the holiday destination are: a peaceful lifestyle in as
original Cretan village as possible,

a beach nearby, all tourist services in
the same village and only a short drive to the bigger cities (Chania 18 km and

Rethymno 35 km), it is easy to choose Kalives.

See the informative panorama picture taken from the western Aptera hills.

See the beach panorama taken from the eastern end of the beach.




has received positive feedback especially as a holiday destination for
traffic, safe environment and the

beautiful well functional hotels attract
those who are looking for a family holiday place. Restful life, peaceful nights
and many

taverns take care of the relaxing holiday. Nightlife activities are
easy to find from Chania.


are two beaches in Kalives. One is on the East side of the village ending to
the harbour (the picture above is taken from the harbour to the centre of the
village), and the other one, very quiet, is about one kilometre West from the
centre of the village. The beach in the West is good also for the children
because it is gently sloping and has fine sand. 

and tourist attractions:

offers good circumstances for hiking, jogging and cycling. At the beach of
Almirida there are possibilities of different kinds of water sports. Located
nearby is the Kourna Lake, which is the only big freshwater lake in Crete.
There is a plentiful fauna and a possibility to study the lake with a pedal
boat. Nearby is also the village of Vamos that is a restored old Cretan
village. From there it is possible to buy original local products. Also,
White Mountains are on the south side of Kalives, and it is also a place for
hiking, as also the plain of Omalos and the Samarian gorge are within reasonable distance.

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