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The Village of Plakias

by / Juhani

Updated 15.03.2014

   In the province of Rethymno and exactly below Rethymno
on the south coast of Crete is Plakias, one of the newest cretan villages. Up until the early 60’s the village was inhabited by a few fishermen, after that time the village started to grow due to its good location, warm climate and sheltered bay. Plakias is quite warm also in the wintertime. Nowadays the village makes
its living more from tourism although traditional industries are still found. Above the village, on the slope, there are olive groves and local settlement.

front of Plakias the Libyan Sea opens up and
a few tens of kilometres
further out to sea lies Gavdos Island

When arriving in Plakias from the
northeast there are two routes to go and they both run through the
impressive gorges. The northern route from the main road Rethymno-Spili
runs through the Kotsifou gorge
(see the video page) and the southern one, beside Mixorrouma
village, runs through the Kourtaliotiko gorge. The latter one is very
impressive. There are goats on the vertical slopes, eagles in the sky
and below them is a stream flowing at the bottom of the gorge, which in
heavy rain swells to a river. In the Kourtaliotiko gorge it is possible
to feel the strongest winds on the island, so it is better to open the
car door very carefully otherwise the wind might break the door. 
Sometimes the gorges bring strong winds to Plakias.

The central of Plakias village

   In Plakias there are less than 300 flats to rent and the most of them are about one or two kilometres away from the centre. More than ten taverns, coffee shops, many shops and a 1300 metre long beach offer a peaceful environment for the holidaymaker.
Panorama photo from the beach to the west.

(Show a bigger panorama)

   There are many windsurfers in the bay because the winds that come through the gorges are sometimes strong and they don’t raise waves near the beach. There are cars and scooters to rent for moving around the island. From the harbour it is possible to sail by boat for example to the new Preveli monastery, or if needed, by taxi boat to the other south coast beaches. On the northwest and northeast sides of Plakias there are high hills where there is a nice view of the bay and the village.

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