Water park Watercity

Recommended age for the park is +5 years. Staying here even with small children is easy because there is a wide selection of resting places, sun beds, coffee shops and kiosks. For the most part it is forbidden to take the children under 5 on the devices, but there are also areas for them to play.

There are fairly good road signs to Watercity.

Very family friendly and certainly, without a doubt, it is a place for those who enjoy water activities and it offers both peaceful and breakneck speed activities. It is a beautiful and well cared for area with friendly staff, good service and a magnificent view of the surrounding areas. There are shops, coffee shops and
kiosks everywhere and from the shops you can even buy new swimming
trunks if you forget yours at your hotel!

A peacefully flowing river in the water park takes travellers through various kinds of landscapes in sweltering heat and fresh smelling flora

Watercity is also visually beautiful with abundant flora and a clean environment to create a good atmosphere.

The place is suitable for people of all ages but the regulations of the water park require that very small children are accompanied by an adult. Security regulations are tight and the supervisors of the area prevent all activities that cause danger.

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Coordinates: 35°18’39.04″N 25°15’2.36″E