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The Plateau of Lassithi

by / Juhani

Updated 02.12.2012

Lassithi plateau is
about 44 km west from Agios Nikolaos.
The whole area is visible from the
road which goes around
the plains. The old metal windmill structures,
which were used
for pumping the irrigation water for the fields, are
of the area.

Panoramic view of the plateau. Different types of
windmills have been built in the tourist sites of the area as a reminiscence of the past.

(See bigger panorama photo).

A few working windmills can still be found around the plains

High mountains circle Lassithi plateau and they have to be crossed in order to reach the plains. The clouds often hit and fade into the mountains keeping the sky clear. Panoramic view of the cloudy mountains.

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